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Kathy H.


Winchester, Virginia


2/19/2022, 10:07:19 PM

My Grandchildren Loved Emu Blues!

A friend gave me this book, knowing I had grandchildren . The vibrant illustrations and story captured them right away. Hurricanes happen, and reading Emu Blues is a non threatening way to explain what goes on with people and this case, emus! An additional perk for young readers is the rhyming text. The end notes on vocabulary used and the "story behind the story" are a great addition, as are the additional resources online. As a retired librarian, this is an excellent book to put into a library collection. Lush, colorful pictures and a rhyming text both combine to make a beautiful picture book!

Mindy W


Friendswood, TX


11/14/2021, 2:33:04 AM

My son loves it!

We purchased the book at the Nutcracker Market in Pasadena today and my son has asked us to read it at least 3 times today. He loves the story. Such a great book!



Gainesville, VA


2/21/2021, 7:09:48 PM

This book draws you in!

So I started off just enjoying the colors, then was tickled by the rhyming (so engaging), got totally hooked into were they going to make it?, was blown away-truly-by the painting of grandpa’s car!!, before the left side of the brain kicked in and said, “Hey, look at these words! There’s a lesson here! And look at the info about these birds-they can’t fly!” Only to discover that you guys already covered all that at the end of the book! Duh! And so many other great ideas. But most importantly, the book draws you in with its beautiful paintings, colors, prose, and information. You are learning without realizing it. A true treasure! Thank you so much for this autographed copy-it will be part of Oma and Opa’s hand-me-downs. Such a gentle recapture of an event that changed many lives. Emus included.



Stafford, VA


1/19/2021, 4:11:56 PM


Emu Blues is a book that keeps you wondering until the very end of the wonders of faith in the time of challenge. This is a great story to help kids understand that goodness and restoration of all things is always possible when you trust and believe.



Tacoma wa


12/1/2020, 12:11:16 AM

Emu Blues

Emu Blues is the most amazing book. A great Read for all ages. Michele is a brilliant writer.

Karen H


El Paso, Texas


11/20/2020, 3:52:13 PM

Emu Blues

This is a great book for children of all ages. Great story and illustrations are amazing. I definitely recommend this book.





9/10/2020, 1:38:56 PM


I’m so excited and proud of my dear friend Michele C Fortenberry !This is her first Children’s book. Michele, you have always been so creative and gifted with educating children for as long as I’ve known you. This is a such a cute book and I love how you added the Words to Explore & Conversation Starters, so children who have been through or preparing for hurricanes- can discuss how they may be feeling.



Woodbridge, VA


9/9/2020, 9:53:48 PM

Coffee Table Addition!!

Wow, Emu Blues is an educational work of art that is sure to impress the reader with gallery quality artwork. This is a wonderful and encouraging story about facing uncertainty and overcoming our fears, written to inspire adults and kids alike! A superb story line as well that provides conversation starters to introduce young readers to experiences so they are prepared for in advance while expand the vocabulary of children. An excellent addition to every household coffee table!

Sherry B.


Katy, Texas


9/9/2020, 9:05:59 PM

Amazing book!

I absolutely love this book! It's a true story about my parents pet Emus that rode out hurricane Rita in the backyard of my childhood home in Beaumont, Texas. Michele did an excellent job relaying the feelings these flightless birds must have felt. It's a great book to help children prepare for the unknown feelings that often well up during situations of evacuation.





9/9/2020, 6:15:36 PM

A wonderful Children's book

A WONDERFUL ADVENTURE BOOK FOR CHILDREN TO EXPERIENCE IN SO MANY WAYS! Emu Blues is a great addition to the field of children’s literature. Children need such good quality books. It’s a joy to see great text and great illustrations in one book! The clever use of “blue” amid the colorful, humorous, and detailed illustrations combine perfectly with the true-life story to entice the child in all of us to read this book again and again.





9/9/2020, 6:15:22 PM

It's an adventure!

Emu Blues is more than a beautifully illustrated children’s book; it’s an adventure filled with hope. My kids and I felt like we were part of the story; walking with the emus and experiencing firsthand their emotional highs and lows. With the uncertainty and apprehension that hurricanes bring, this book certainly dissolves some of that, and you’re left with a feeling of peace. We loved this book.





9/9/2020, 6:14:29 PM

Great Book

Michele draws families and educators alike into her book with colorful illustrations and a wide range of vocabulary, predicting, and rhyming - all great tools to educate any child. She captivates her audience throughout the book with the anticipation of wondering what would happen next. Emu Blues is great book that can lead into many educational discussions!

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