Emu Blues

Emu Blues

Emu Blues

Emu Blues (Buy 2, Give 1)

Emu Blues (Buy 2, Give 1)


Shipping Free

Shipping Free

The Story of Emu Blues

The new children's book, Emu Blues, is a fantastic tale based on a true story. When Hurricane Rita made landfall in Beaumont, Texas a pair of flightless birds, Leroy and Emily, learned firsthand what it meant to weather the storms of life. Together, they withstood high winds, torrential rains, and flying debris. Together, they found the courage they needed to face their fears, and in the process discovered just how brave they really were.

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Get the skinny!

Stacy Walker
Reading Specialist

Emu Blues is great book that can lead
into many educational discussions!

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Amber Ingram
Classical Conversations of South Riding Foundations & Essentials Director

Emu Blues is more than a beautifully illustrated children’s book; it’s
an adventure

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Ardith Caroll 
Training & Curriculum Specialist

A wonderful adventure book for children to experience in so many ways!

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